Hello from Glom Initiatives Inc!  It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you on our collective journey of discovery, growth, healing and fulfilment.  


I believe we are fortunate to be living through a very poignant period in human history. We are witnessing a global shift in ideology, energy and power.  While the evolution of society is becoming obvious what remains undiscovered are the core skills required to sustain the monumental change being called for.  I believe we all possess talents and qualities that may allow us to capitalize on the shifting inertia, if we become clear about our intentions and the vision we desire to bring forward into reality.  I believe that we are all being called to our higher selves and that those who chose to ignore the call will forfeit their opportunity to act on purpose.  This is the precise moment to reflect on what has brought us to this point in time and discover ways to deliberately move to participate in the future we want.


There is much work to be done and I believe that the foundation of this work begins with ourselves.  Before you can manifest something externally, one must undergo a fundamental internal shift.   


In the coming weeks, we will examine and discover ways to move through life with more intention, with greater inspiration.  I am here to encourage you on your evolutionary road to your unique vision. If you, like I, believe in the possibility of growth, the power of human creativity, service, kindness, generosity, and the indelible spirit of change, let’s begin this journey together and see what we can be…