Moving Beyond the Pandemic

The notion of change can be intimidating but change is inevitable. Every day that we are fortunate enough to live and breathe, we are evolving.  That is how biology was designed and how it works. Because change is such a natural process, there is never really a wrong time to decide to do things differently in our lives, or at the very least think about taking steps toward change.


The latest corona virus has forced global modifications in human and animal behaviors.  CoVid-19 has broadly disturbed systems and processes. It is becoming more and more obvious that the mechanisms of modern society were being taxed beyond feasibility. Much of the way we live is proving unsustainable. This systematic strain offers and frankly requires novel approaches to better manage our resources, environments and ourselves.


This universal circumstance has presented a supremely unique opportunity to evaluate and rethink much of what society has come to prioritize by default. Each of us may well benefit form shifting our individual perspectives in order to experience fuller, richer connections with ourselves and the things that we value and cherish.  We have been provided time to create fundamental change by design and I believe that we can capitalize on this new space.


The question then becomes, what will we do?  Will we continue to approach things with a status quo mentality or will we seize the opportunity to re-imagine ourselves and our world?  The choice is always up to us. We have gotten so much wrong over time, but with each new day and by making new choices we can do better, live better and be better.  Glom Initiatives calls you on the journey to better. Glom can help with the ‘how we do it’ part. If you desire a new way of being or doing…Welcome!