The Work

We work to identify your needs by listening, assessing, and gaining clarity.  

Development is a stepwise process.  In nature, growth and change happens through systematic processes. Our growth process can be systematic as well.  Glom utilizes a methodical approach, so clients can reach their potential, become fulfilled and thrive.

We empower each client by providing education, support and guidance throughout the strategic development and growth process.


How We Can Help


Lifestyle Development Cultivation

This is a distinct approach to skills development that applies psychological principals to help you identify and accomplish your Vision.  LDC is a one-on-one experience for ambitious people looking for guidance and support with a goal. 

Strategic Advising

Glom’s Strategic Advising is for entrepreneurs in need of guidance, clarity and assistance with planning, structuring, and maneuvering their businesses through growth and scaling. This program is geared towards external desired outcomes with a tailored plan of action for client development.  

Management Consulting

Consulting services to transform your organization’s culture, team dynamics and productivity.  Emphasis is placed on assessment, strength identification and individual self-awareness to foster enhanced engagement, improve morale to build capacity within your team. 

Speaking Engagements

           Is your audience looking for powerful, impactful and practical well-being information?  Tracy has presented for organizations, universities, colleges, senior centers, and conferences locally nationally.  

           Tracy  delivers compelling and engaging talks meant to inspire, educate and empower audiences with applicable tools to improve their lives.

The Rotary Club, Jen Care, Norfolk State University School of Business, Black Brand and EVMS’ (Eastern Virginian Medical School) School of Dermatology are among the list of the organizations to experience her dynamic and entertaining speaking style.  Let Tracy bring applicable psychology concepts to your organization to boost well-being.


Well-Being Retreats

Our well-being retreats are a perfect prescription for anyone looking for a renewed sense of personal rejuvenation, relaxation, enhanced stress reduction.  It’s time to stop striving and start thriving.  Join us for an exclusive curated intimate, stress-free experience that focuses on peace, self-care, enhanced self-awareness, and improved well-being.

Wine Well-Being

Our Wine Well-Being Event is a unique event curated for building self-care practices while you socialize, explore wines and well-being information.  Sip delicious varietals and learn about their production while you mingle, east great food and learn the finer points of enhancing your overall well-being.  

Well-Being Brunch

                     Our Well-Being Brunch series is an intimate event focused on improving an prioritizing self-care practices.  Featuring Korbel mimosas, breakfast and self-awareness exercises including journaling,

                     this event promises a monthly dose of rest and relaxation in a small group setting.   


Entrepreneurial Training

Entrepreneurial training is designed to help you gain traction on your goals and objectives as an aspiring or seasoned entrepreneur.  Build skills, learn applicable tools and increase your professional capacity in an accelerated timeframe with hands-on guidance, technical assistance and coaching. 

CLAIM Your Vision Membership

                      Our CLAIM Your Vision Membership is a 4 month cohort for entrepreneurs and start-ups will accelerate your business to greater success.  Reach your objectives and goals with training, technical              assistance, strategic guidance,  peer support, and coaching.  Grow, learn new tools and gain capacity while you soar through challenges with the help of skilled training and guidance.


            Glom’s CLAIM Your Vision Membership is a 4 month membership for entrepreneurs or start-ups that accelerates your growth, business education, support and peer network.  Learn business   fundamentals through trainings, in-person work sessions, drop-ins training.  Build the skills you need to scale your business wisely, learn applicable tools and increase your professional capacity in an accelerated timeframe with hands-on guidance, technical assistance and coaching. 



Productivity 101

This self-paced course will teach you the fundamentals of solid goal setting. You will learn how to apply principals of behavioral science to make changes that stick.

Entrepreneurial Go-To Guide Flip Book

Building a business is hard so having a quick reminder about business fundamentals is super helpful. Glom Initiatives has you covered. Get your very own Entrepreneur Go-To Guide, for guidance and information regarding vital principles for starting and maintaining your business. This product is filled with pivotal business basics presented in an easy to understand, highly applicable format. The portable, self-standing design makes it easy to always have on hand and ready use.

Our Process

1. Consultation

Initial Consultation (25 min @ $20) – During this Curiosity Call consultation, we discuss your challenges to identify areas of discomfort and explore objectives. We assess wether our working relationship will be appropriate and helpful. And lastly, we explore possible strategic approaches for The Work that we will initiate together.

2. Commitment

 We commit to working together, take steps to examine your needs so that you can move toward your goal and produce your desired outcome.  We accomplish this by providing you with the attention and support you deserve.

3. Cultivate 

Glom Initiatives works with you to create a plan and timeline for your vision while helping you enhance skills and develop new capabilities.  You will achieve your desired outcome(s) and find greater fulfillment in your health, career or relationships.

Become a Glommer

You can start the journey to develop a more fulfilled, inspired and empowered life today. 

Take initiative today!

Free Resources

This pretty downloadable and printable infographic has easy self-care tips and information you

can apply to your daily routine immediately.