The Work

We work to identify your needs by listening and gaining clarity…

Development is a stepwise process.  In nature, growth and change happens through a systematic process.  We  utilize methodical approaches so clients reach their potential, become more fulfilled and thrive.

We empower each client by providing education, support and guidance throughout the strategic development process.



Geared toward internal client goals or challenges

Customized session commitments

Tailored individual development plan 

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Geared toward external desired outcomes

Minimum six week commitment

Once a week sessions

Tailored plan of action for client development

Monitored and measured progress

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Professional development

Eight to twelve week commitment

Requires longer arch of development to achieve desired results and positive outcomes

Geared toward individual or business clients

Priced as a suite package

Targeted intensive feedback and training sessions based on client goals

  • For individual clients: weekly meetings
  • For businesses: weekly to bi-weekly sessions

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Would you like to reach your goals, gain some time, manage tasks, reduce your stress, and improve your overall well-being?
This self-paced course will teach you the fundamentals of solid goal setting. You will learn how to apply principals of behavioral science to make changes that stick.

This mini course will improve the how you approach achievement and making change. You will come away with applicable information, actionable steps, along with new skills and understanding of these vital .

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Our Process

1. Consultation

Initial Consultation (25 min @ $20) – During this Curiosity Call consultation, we discuss your challenges to identify areas of discomfort and explore objectives. We assess wether our working relationship will be appropriate and helpful. And lastly, we explore possible strategic approaches for The Work that we will initiate together.

2. Commitment

 We commit to working together, take steps to examine your needs so that you can move toward your goal and produce your desired outcome.  We accomplish this by providing you with the attention and support you deserve.

3. Cultivate 

Glom Initiatives works with you to create a plan and timeline for your vision while helping you enhance skills and develop new capabilities.  You will achieve your desired outcome(s) and find greater fulfillment in your health, career or relationships.


Therapy services:

Let’s Begin

You can start the journey to develop a more fulfilled, inspired and empowered life today.  Take Initiative today!

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