GLOM Your Vision!

glom – to seize, take, capture, snatch or take interest in 

initiative – action, goal, mission or objective 

Symbolism of Ginkgo:

longevity, sustainability, fortitude & resilience

THE MISSION OF GLOM INITIATIVES IS TO EMPOWER INSPIRE AND ENCOURAGE confidence and success through psychological skill building 

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Our lives are meant to be lived intentionally, passionately and purposefully.”

Glom Initiatives, Inc. is a strategic development and management consulting firm with a focus on psychological skill building.   Experience management consulting and personal development on an entirely different level.  Uncover hidden roadblocks to your success and discover new tools to overcome future pitfalls. 

Psychological health and well-being are cornerstones of happiness, thriving and achievement. We understand the psychological piece of growth and how it relates to achieving your Vision.   Accelerate your development with enhanced skills that unlock your potential to live the life, grow the business or transform your organization into the one you envision now.


psychological skills + strategy = your success 

Let Glom Initiatives help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

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