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Recent data suggests that fewer than 20% of Americans are flourishing.  It is time to change this sobering and sad statistic.  We can create lives that are fulfilling, purposeful and powerful.  

Q: Everyone feels lost and confused sometimes.  It’s normal so why would I seek out professional advice?


A: Feelings of overwhelm and confusion are normal conditions of the human experience, this is true.  Often, however, we run into roadblocks to expressing who we are personally or professionally.  Sometimes we struggle with the stress of everyday life and it can make us feel confused about how to manage or what we are meant to achieve in our lives.  A strategist can assist with identifying barriers, behaviors and beliefs that hold us back and keep us stuck.  More valuable than the awareness of barriers is the development of stronger skills that enable us to move through challenges with power and purpose. 


Q:  I have seen therapists and counselors before and I didn’t think that it helped at all.  How is working with a strategist different from therapy?


A: We support clients utilizing strategies informed by psychological science in cognition, behavior, social learning and positive psychology to help reduce suffering, discover capabilities and enlighten clients about their capacity for success.  We focus on what is working as opposed to concentrating on what is wrong. In this way we are able to empower, inspire and encourage development.


Q:  I am happy in my personal life but my professional life is a mess  and I can’t seem to get ahead.  There isn’t much I can do about it so I’ll just tough it out until something changes for the better.


A: We will help you identify factors that are inhibiting your professional aspirations and success.  We can provide strategies to enhance existing skills or develop new capacities to discover untapped professional potential.