GLOM - to seize, take, capture, snatch

IN·I·TI·A·TIVE - action, goal, mission

Symbolism of Gingko:

longevity, sustainability, fortitude, resilience


GLOM INITIATIVES INC  is a strategic development firm specializing in guiding clients who want to overcome limitations to fulfill personal and professional aspirations.  

We develop personalized strategies tailored to address each client’s unique circumstances and needs.  

My role is to empower clients by providing support and guidance throughout the strategic development and coaching process to tap hidden potential and expose new skills

Glom Initiatives –  Moving You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. 

GLOM is spearheaded by Tracy Lamar-Ray.  Tracy is a psychological scientist completing her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Harvard University.  Her work in psychology provides an academic foundation for approaching personal challenges to  strategically develop sustainable solutions.  Years of entrepreneurial experience have  uniquely equipped her with skills to individually tailor methods for development and growth.  

“I believe that our lives are meant to be lived intentionally, passionately and purposefully.” – Tracy 


Our Mission & Services 

The mission of Glom Initiatives Inc. is to empower, inspire and encourage personal and professional development for every client. We encourage you to Seize, Take, and Capture every Opportunity for action possible in the life you’ve been given.

Our goal is to assist  you with successfully meeting your challenges and to help you attain your vision.

It is the privilege of Glom Initiatives to assist you in realizing your life’s vision. 


Guidance and strategies for organizations needing to identify sore spots, shift priorities or build capabilities



Analysis for entrepreneurs to isolate challenges, prioritize objectives and develop effective strategies for improved performance


Assessment of obstacles using a tailored approach to develop skills and produce desired personal outcomes and achievement 


Images envisioned in our mind’s eye are powerful indicators of outcomes.  We can not create what we can not see clearly.  Vision is vital!  To successfully achieve a desired result, it is important to visualize it first. 

Ready To Get Started?

Less than 20% of Americans are flourishing according to research 


“Had been fortunate to have wonderful and productive interactions with facilitator Tracy, during the crisis of the Covic-19 pandemic.  Tracy provided an extensive assessment of my multifaceted struggles during the pandemic.  She provided multiple practical and useful recommendations. She shared my journey to success in re-employment, management of an active teen with an empathetic ear and mind.  I can highly recommend this individual to help realign your life experiences.”

- Cyn F.

“The most empathic way to change your life and see your vision is to recognize destructive patterns of behavior that blind you.  Breaking  these patterns isn’t easy, it often warrants another pair of eyes to help you see.  Tracy has been my flashlight in the dark, a true healing force and has helped me recognize and rectify harmful patterns so I can live my potential.  When you get lost on your path, don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions.  I suggest you ask her.” 

- Terri S.

“For well over 10 years, Tracy has been my personal life coach.  She has been extremely instrumental in helping me gain clarity and understanding with situations that have derailed me.  In these uncertain times, it’s great to have someone you trust be your sounding board.” 

- Cassie H.


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You can start the journey to develop a more fulfilled, inspired and empowered life today.  Take Initiative today!

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