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Growing up is very tough. Contemporary times are different from any other period in history and as a result, our kids are under profound pressure.  Adolescent years can be among the most challenging throughout our lifespan.  Your child is working to finding themselves, make independent choices and establish healthy social connections. For these reasons, it is critical that they have the support to develop the necessary skills, tools and behaviors to become successful and thriving young adults!

Research by Glom’s founder suggests that todays’ teens carry high levels of shame.  The excessive shame subsequently effects teens’ expectations for their future.  Shame influences adolescents from every walk of life, socioeconomic status and ethnic background.  We all know that the teen years are formative years.  This is why Glom offers Teen Empowerment Workshops to help build lifelong skills critical to their self-confidence, happiness, and success.  The workshops are designed to empower teens aged 14-18 by meeting them where they are.  Teens become more self-aware plus gain the ability to explore alternative perspectives about themselves and others.   In this way they enhance their capability to build the necessary resilience to manage the challenges of adolescence and flourish.

Teen Empowerment Workshop

During our monthly Teen Empowerment Workshops, we discuss the impact of trauma and how we can utilize independence to build resilience despite challenging circumstances.  We cover topics such as:

  • goal setting and achievement tools
  • time management techniques
  • building self-confidence 
  • stress-management techniques
  • character strength
  • agency and proactive communication
  • boundary setting
  • understanding and overcoming trauma

Bonus: Attendees receive Glom exclusive training materials (included with registration)

Teen Empowerment Workshop Membership (NEW)

Membership Includes:

One 1 1/2-hour monthly group session

  • guaranteed slot for members
  • materials
  • skill building exercises and strategies
  • Glom-exclusive resources
  • membership discount (savings of up to $160)

Monthly remote Group Check-In Chat (Bonus)

  • 40-min exclusive chat room access
  • direct access to group facilitator and group members
  • private workshop link to ensure security & confidentiality

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Subscription Information – Annual Membership:

$300/year (normally $400 but 1st quarter of 2023 was offered for FREE for $100 upfront saving)

Payment Options

  • Option 1 – $99.98 billed quarterly
  • Option 2 – $300 one-time payment

Monthly Attendance

Not sure if your teen is ready to be a member? Non-members can attend workshops for $40 each

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2023 Teen Empowerment Workshop Dates

Your Teen Will Learn Life-Long Skills


Key with word "success"

Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in their capacity to act in the ways necessary to reach specific goals. It’s our belief in our capability to successfully accomplish a task. Self-efficacy affects every area of human endeavor. The concept was originally proposed by the psychologist Albert Bandura (1999).

Confidence helps us feel ready for life’s experiences. When we are confident, we are able to take initiative toward our goals and capitalize on opportunities instead of retreat from them. When things don’t work out at first, confidence helps us try again. However, teens who have low self-confidence may be less likely to try new things, seek support or engage socially. When they fail at something, they may be less likely to try again. A lack of self-confidence can hold teens back from reaching their full potential.



The word "Motivation" highlighted i

Motivation is the fired up feeling that we have to accomplish something. Motivation has been linked to academic achievement (Quane & Rankin, 1998). It’s linked to brain chemistry (neurotransmitters) but because it is an emotion, motivation is inconsistent. Motivation is not a reliable tool for making progress because it fluctuates like other feelings that we have. Adolescents need more than motivation to successfully attain the objectives they set out for themselves.

Self-Awareness on ground with two sneakers below the words

Self-awareness is having clear knowledge and understanding of yourself, including being aware of your own feelings, thoughts and character. Helping our teens practice self-awareness is about learning to better understand why they feel what they feel and why they behave in particular ways.


Tracy Lamar-Ray

CEO & Founder of

Glom Initiatives

Access to knowledge is a critical determinant of long-term well-being and is essential to individual freedom, self-determination, self-sufficiency and thriving. Education is critical to people’s real freedom to decide what to do and who to be. Educating adolescents about their development builds their self-confidence and broadens their understanding of what is possible for them. My independent research of adolescent shame found a correlation between high levels of shame in teens and lower expectations for their future. It is for this reason that I am passionate about providing support, guidance, and information to empower adolescents through one of the the most challenging periods of human development.

As a mother of two adult sons, I have intimate knowledge of how challenging raising happy and healthy teenagers can be. Understanding human development is very dear to me because I feel that it is pivotal to better relationships with ourselves and others. My studies at Harvard have provided me the opportunity to share what I have learned about psychology with a broader community so others can realize their visions and thrive.

“I believe that our lives are meant to be lived intentionally, passionately, and purposefully.”  Tracy Lamar-Ray


Jan ~ High School Student (Name changed for confidentiality)

“Teen Workshop gives me a chance to talk about things that are important to me without the disagreements that I end up having with my parents. It’s nice to know that other teens go through the same sorts of stuff that I am dealing with.”

Ready to become a Member?  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I sign up my teen for membership?

To sign your teen up for an annual membership, please use this link BECOME A MEMBER and fill in the corresponding information.  You may opt for a one-time payment of $300 or choose the split payment feature to be billed 3 payments of $99.98.

Do I have to register my teen for each monthly group meeting?

Even when your teen has a membership you are required to register your teen every month for each group session so that we 1) have an accurate headcount, 2) know who specifically will be in attendance for safety reasons, and 3) are able to properly prepare for and accommodate our teens.  

Register Your Teen Here

How much is the annual membership?

The annual membership cost is regularly $400 for 12 months. Because we offered group sessions at no cost for the 1st quarter of 2023, the remaining 2023 membership cost is only $300!  We think that’s a fantastic value for families.  

**Please note that group membership returns to the full $400 price in January 2024.  Members will receive a reminder in December 2023, explaining how to renew membership for the following year. 

Can I split the membership payment over time?

Glad you asked. Of course! We offer a quarterly billing option.  Once you provide your payment information, you will be charged $99.98 on the day that you initiate your membership and then will be automatically billed $99.98 per quarter (every 91 days).  Auto-drafts occur on the 1st Friday of each quarter.  

**Please note that you will be required to register your teen for each group session so we 1) have an accurate headcount, 2) know who specifically will be in attendance, and 3) are able to properly prepare for our teens.

What if I am unsure about becoming a member?

We understand.  We are happy to accomodate you to join us one month for $40, so you can determine if our Teen Empowerment Workshops are a good fit for your teen.   Once you sign up for the month please Register Your Teen Here.