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Tracy Lamar-Ray

CEO & Founder of GLOM Inititatives

“I believe that our lives are meant to be lived intentionally, passionately, and purposefully.”  Tracy Lamar-Ray


Speaking Engagements

If you want to help your team unleash untapped potential or inspire your audience’s hidden passion, Tracy delivers a message of self-confidence and greater self-efficacy.  She provides insight that improves people’s outlook in real-time plus tools that can be utilized as needed.


Tracy is a speaker, personal and professional development trainer.  Her talks are informative and garner rave reviews from attendees.  Tracy’s tailors presentations to be informative or transformative, to suit your needs.  Tracy has a relatable and genuine speaking style that engages audiences.  She has presented at events such as 2022’s Catch the Wind & Find Your Purpose Women’s Retreat, Glom Initiatives’ 2023 World mental Health Day Summit, as well as for organizations such as the Norfolk State University School of Business, the EVMS School of Dermatology, Jen Care, Rotary Club of Virginia Beach, Black Brand and others locally as well as nationally.


Audiences are compelled by her transparent, practical, and motivational approach at presenting information on psychological growth for business and personal life.


Tracy regularly instructs the Entrepreneurship I & II workshops at the Hive Business Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia for Virginia Wesleyan University.


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