Glom Initiatives aims to be a leading force in promoting and guiding development, fulfillment and greater well-being through providing information, services and support. We are so happy that you have chosen to “stay in the loop” with our mission. We are committed to your health, your happiness and believe in your progression. We believe that challenges can be overcome. With the appropriate mindset, tools, Initiative and support, we can each grow, thrive and produce meaning in our lives.   

Through our mission, we will provide effective solutions for individuals, groups and companies to inspire and empower sustained development.  We will supply our tribe with useful tools, tips and insights rooted in evidence-based research applicable to your everyday activities, relationships and self. We are so excited and honored to have the privilege to share what we know to be true so far with you as well as to share our continued journey of development alongside you.  

So, again, Welcome.  Stay tuned. Connect with us on social media and lets begin a ripple effect of greater consciousness, strength and well-being through development together.